Kenozerskiy Park calls adult guests and their off springs up!

01 December 2017

In the upcoming year young visitors of the reserved territory will get an entrance to the most anticipated event in the whole Archangelsk region — «Winter Tales» of Kenozerye and Lekshmozerye.

A cognitive and exciting trip by a friendly class or a whole family with children in the Plesetsk sector of the park will please with amazing snow-white landscapes, ringing the silence of the frosty forest, rolling with slides and a busy excursion program.

On the first day all guests are expected to stay in the village Vershinino, where they can be acquitanted with an interactive show In the Beginning was the Word in the museum Following the Traces of Kitovras. Young guests will take part in a fascinating adventure pursuing the purpose to help fabulous characters to cope with the tricks of the crafty Devil. Various survive tests and similar eximinations during the journey will reveal closer will reveal the mysterious world of fairy tales, epics, legends and mysteries.

The second day of the tour begins with a tour The village has been spread so colourfully out across the village Vershinino . Walking through the ancient village will discover the mysterious World of out-of-the-way antiquity, old traditions deeply tangled with the modern way of life. The program includes a visit to the museum display Ambarny Ryad, where children will investigate how blacksmiths, carpenters and potters in the old times lived and worked there. Roles of park-guides in this wonderful world will be set to the students of the School of Young Guides of the Park  so you can amaze the park features from your ‘own view’. Nature lovers will be undoubtely pleased with the EcoClass Cossacks  there you can find out all the interesting things about the animals of Kenozero, hear the voices of birds, collect eco-puzzles, catch in the lake any fish.

After the dinner, the young guests of the park are waiting for a bus excursion and acquaintance with the Wooden Tale  Pochezersky temple complex, a unique architectural monument of the XVIII  XIX centuries.

Can you imagine a visit to Kenozerye without trying your hand at ancient crafts? Master Kenozerye will introduce the most enthusiastic children to the basics of birthing and felting. You can take souvenirs made of birch bark and felt from your own hands and give it to your parents. The day will end with a merry evening feast Kenozerskaya Vecherka.

The tour lasts three days and two nights. The time period is from 8th January to March.

The Kargopol park sector in January will please the guests with a fascinating journey to the ancient village of Maselga. Only here the road of young travelers will pass through a unique natural monument  Equator, romantically named village Maselga. There you are able to be acquainted with stunning and freezing White and Baltic Seas and to climb to the highest viewpoint of location, Khizhgoru. Nearby you will see a church of the holy Rev. Alexander Svirsky of the XIX century.

Walking among the miniature peasant cottages, small chapels, barns and bathhouses wrapped in fluffy snow, in the architectural park Kenozersky Spilleries together with a cheerful village kids (young guides) will be a continuation of the journey through the protected area. In the evening, a friendly company will all go to the master class Grandmas Doll and find out what toys their peers played in the distant past, and which puppies the older children made themselves as amulets and talismans. The visitors will get a small leather puppet as a souvenir from Russia with love.

The next day of rest will be marked by a walk along the ecological Path of anthills. The excursion will allow you to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Leksmozero, see the dwellings of forest ants, impressive wooden sculptures. The students of the Lekshmoyero school will take a part In the development and improvement of this trail, and they will act again as guides.

As dessert you will certainly have more fun riding on horseback, sledding and sliding from traditional Russian Mountains. Such sorts of amusement  are very typical for all Russian winter feasts! And the Kenozerskiy Park is undoubtely one of the best place for it!

Tour duration: 3 days and 2 nights. Time period: from 8th Januar to March.

Kenozerye looks forward to bring you and your merry family in the authentical Russian atmosphere! Have a nice winter holiday!