New Year and Christmas in Kenozerye

15 December 2017

Kenozersky National Park sends hearty out invitations to anyone who is been seduced by the idea to celebrate a New Year drowned in gorgeous snowy landscape of Russian North.

On the New Year’s Eve all the guests supposed to take a part in one of the following routes: «Kenozerskoe Novogodie» and Novogodie na Lekshmozere that let them not just throw a joyful feast but to be immersed in the magnificent silence of the snow forest (Taiga), to breathe in a bite of fresh natural air, to warm up the frozen hands and faces to the fire near the genuine Russian stove starring at the pleasantly bursting wood.

The members of the route Kenozerskoe Novogodie will crowd at the village Vershinino at 31 December where they will be heaped up with a lot of events that they could not have been anticipated! At the feast Vasilieva Notch (Vasilias Night) you might to look forward to get some wonderful gifts, snacks, souvenirs directly from the Father Frosts hands!

On the first day of 2018 all the guests will start their journey visiting the village Ost-Pochtu, chapel of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Nice, Center of local folklore and trade. The second day will be followed by excursion Selo raskinulos uzorno (The village has been spread so colorful out) and will be continued with various cheerful walk-dances and Masterclasses. The fourth day will be devoted to the visiting the Pochta where you are being informed about the Soviet past of the current settlement. By the return to the village Vershinino it will be set for all the interactive show Po sledam Korowrasa (Following in Kolowraces steps) and museum trip V nachale bylo slovo (At the beginning it was a word).

Trip duration of Kenozerskoe Novogodie: 5 days and 4 nights.

In the village Morshikhinskaya the tourists will celebrate New Year taking a part in the second route Novogodie na Lekshmozere. The route is supposed to take 4 days and 3 nights.

On 31 December, all guests will get traditional Russian bath, then move themselves to the feast Vasilias Night. The first of January will afford them to walk in the snow forest along the Antpath and to have fun at the Lekshmozeres Evening afterwards. The second January will observe a fantastic North Equator, romantically named village Maselga. There you are able to be acquainted with stunning and freezing White and Baltic Seas. The next checkpoint will be Hizhgora, the highest viewpoint of location, with a little church from 19 century upon it.

The architecture park Kenozerskie Birulki invites you to face with traditional Russian wooden stuff. Right there you make take a part in Masterclass Bez Piroga ne imenini (No Cake — No Party). On the third day you will be supposed to explore the village Morshikhinskaya where you may ride a horse in traditional Russian covered sleds; the event Beresta dorozhe zolota (Birch bark is more valuable than gold).

Kenozersky Park invites you to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas soon in 2018!

In addition to the excursions all the guests will have an opportunity to take a part in local lore, cultural and historical Masterclasses as modelling some authentic puppets by clay. All events will run indeed joyful and colorful as the Russian traditional folk-dances used to be in its sense like.

If you have any questions or wishes about the booking service, please contact us via phone by the number: (960) 017-99-33, Anna Sidoruk.