Land of Lomonosov will get a new development

In the Kholmogory district, a tourism development project was presented in the village of Lomonosovo.

Tourist resources of the village are very extensive, among them: the name and heritage of the great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, the history of Kholmogory as the first administrative, commercial and military center of the Dvina land, the Kholmogory carving along the bone and the famous breed of «Holmogorka» cows, insular landscapes and, of course, a new bone carving school.

The concept of tourism development in Lomonosovo was worked out by Natalia Rybalchenko, an expert on the development of territories, successfully working today with several municipalities of our region, as well as other regions of Russia, together with the Ministry of Culture of the Arkhangelsk region, with the participation of the regional tourist information center.

The tourism development project will be able to help develop not only the Kholmogorsky district, but in general tourism in the region. The main task is to use all available resources in a joint effort in terms of image and commercial effect. According to experts, a territory should be created that would unite the traditions of folk crafts, educational sites with the Lomonosov laboratory, a park, cafes, farm shops and guest houses.

In particular, it is proposed to give a new vector of development to the bone-cutting industry through the creation of a single site for the work of masters, the organization of training courses and master classes for tourists, the sale of products, including through an online store. In Lomonosovo, where there are deposits of white clay, pottery, wood and birch bark, and even the revival of smalt production, whose ancestor was Lomonosov, can also develop. There is also a master who is ready to teach local residents the appropriate technology.

On the basis of the old library building it is proposed to make a general education center with an incubator of business projects for high school students, anti-cafe, coworking. In Lomonosov’s homeland, an interactive educational laboratory could also find a place with fascinating experiments in various fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It requires the development and brand of the village with an Internet site for investors and tourists.

— From the point of view of tourism, Lomonosovo is one of the few tourist sites that has a constant demand among tourists. People who travel have an extensive horizon, and when they come to Lomonosovo, they are waiting for a deeper interactive immersion in his world. Often, their expectations are not justified, so we can not afford to stand still, — said the head of the tourist information center of the Arkhangelsk region Svetlana Kornitskaya. — This tourism development project affects not only the name of Lomonosov, but also recalls the special genotype of the place and the villagers, such as Archbishop Athanasius, sculptor Fedor Shubin or, for example, the nephew of Lomonosov, physicist Golovin. And modern projects in this territory can advantageously emphasize the age-old traditions.
Implementation of the concept of tourism development in the village requires the participation of all stakeholders — local residents with the support of local authorities, the regional government and the public.

It should be noted that already in the new academic year in the building of the vocational school, where they teach the traditions of the Kholmogory carving on the bone, 14 people will be trained, and also course preparation for those who want to learn bone-cutting.