Arkhangelsk is the capital of Arkhangelsk region

Arkhangelsk is fairly called "gate to the Arctic". Brave northerners set off here for hunting sea animals and fishing in high latitudes.

Solovetskiy Archipelago

Solovetskiy Archipelago is a gem of the Russian north. This is one of the unique places in the region. Complex of Solovetskiy monastery's monuments belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

The White sea

The White sea is one of the smallest seas that wash Russia. Shore of the White sea is a nice place for swimming and vacation activities of a whole family.

Museum "Malie Koreli"

The largest open-air museum of wooden architecture. In its territory there are more than 120 wooden architecture monuments.

Pinega caves

Pinega karstic caves are the biggest and numerous in European part of Russia. In Pinega national park there are more than 400 caves.

Museum towns Kargopol and Solvichegodsk

Kargopol and Solvichegodsk are ancient northern towns where Unique monuments of architecture remained.